Go All In. Give to the Fund of your Choice!

Moravian Academy educates students across three beautiful campuses. Giving to the Annual Fund means you have the opportunity to say, “THANK YOU” for this education and direct gifts to a Fund of your choice. 

THE MORAVIAN FUND is vital and unrestricted. Gifts to this fund are flexible, granting support where it's needed most on any of our three campuses. 

THE DOWNTOWN FUND is restricted for use on the downtown campus.

THE SWAIN FUND is restricted for use on the Swain campus.

THE MERLE-SMITH FUND is restricted for use on the Merle-Smith campus. 

You know the impact an exceptional education makes. Whether you're a current parent, past alumni, grandparent, or a senior in the Class of 2023, this is your opportunity to positively impact the school you love. 

"Who am I and who can I become?" is the question Moravian Academy students and teachers ask of one another every day. This type of exploration takes creativity in daily programming, field trips, and unique opportunities. Your gifts impact technology, staffing, professional development, safety and security needs, financial assistance, and so much more. 

Please show gratitude. Make an impact. Give today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my Choices?

The MORAVIAN FUND is flexible and unrestricted granting support where it's needed most at Moravian Academy. That can include academics, arts, athletics, aid, field trips, technology, and so much more.

The Swain Fund, The Downtown Fund, The Merle-Smith Fund are restricted funds for each respective campus to be used within the year. Teachers and Directors plan together to use these gifts wisely with the students at the forefront of their planning.

What are the 2022-2023 GOALS?

Our budgetary goal is $600,000 by June 30, 2023.  

Moravian's annual giving participation is extraordinary, and we hope to meet or exceed what was accomplished last year: 100% Trustee participation, 98% Faculty and Staff, 70% Parent participation, 80% Senior Class participation,16% Alumni participation and 12% for all additional constituencies including grandparents, parents of alumni and friends. Thank you!

How does Tuition and Annual Giving work together?

Tuition fees are intentionally set below the actual cost it takes to educate a student. We believe in the value of a diverse student body, so we keep tuition costs as low as possible. 

Tuition covers approximately 84% of the cost of a Moravian Academy education. The Annual Fund supports that 16% deficit of approximately $1,600 per student. Therefore, every student benefits from your generosity.

Are there suggested Giving Levels?

Participation is of utmost importance, so a level that suits you. We believe every parent, alumni, 2023 senior, faculty, staff, and friend will find the satisfaction of making an impact within one of these categories: 

$10,000+ Benigna & Swain Founder's Society, $5,000+ Leadership Circle, $2,500+ Head of School Cabinet, $1,742+ Century Club, $1,000+ Merle-Smith Society, $500+ Lion & Cougar Club, $275+ Moravian Star Club, $100+ Red and Gold Club, $1+ Donors.

Is our gift Tax Deductible?

Yes, all Annual Fund gifts are tax deductible. 

Moravian's fiscal year ends June 30, 2023.